A new regular in the garden. When all your Fall broccoli has come and gone, let this one stand!
This huge plant was a big surprise, growing larger and larger, without a bloom in site.

Alas, bright purple emerged and within a week, more broccoli then I knew what to do with. This amazing plant will definitely be part of my regular rotation in the garden.

Jul 172012

While ladybugs are cute, one here and one there—in swarms, crawling and wriggling, they are not so cute. I know firsthand. Adam and I gave the garden a present this past weekend, releasing over 1000 ladybugs. I know they’ll only be visiting a short while, but hopefully they’ll help a bit, munching on aphids and eggs and hopefully laying their own eggs. While it was a little bit creepy, it was mostly fun. We had ladybugs on our shirts and shoes, and saved a few as pets for a couple days.

1000 ladybugs

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